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The Forum is now working fairly well, with few problems.  We're seeing a lot of accounts being created from Russia, but that is easily handled.  If there is actually an Internation Stinson Club member in Russia, please let me know.

Newsletters are back online, and as up to date as I have.

Member's only pages are integrated into the forum, so you need to be logged into the forum to use the members only pages or access the newsletters.


The goal of the International Stinson Club is to preserve information and technology to help keep the Stinson aircraft flying. It also acts as a social club for people who love the Stinson aircraft. If you have any ideas on how to make the Stinson Club a better club, please let us know by sending email


Make sure to check the forum for more information on what is happening with the club!


Set of information that people have found useful.



Get your cups, shirts, badges, and other paraphenalia here.

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